If you do Facebook ads right then yes, Facebook ads it worth it.

If you do them wrong then it’s like burning money. The question then becomes how do you do Facebook ads effectively?

First, let’s talk about how effective Facebook ads can be some stats:

  • 22% of the world’s population is made up of active Facebook users
  • Customers who like a business on Facebook are 79% more likely to make a new purchase than non-fans
  • For getting 1000 views the average for TV commercials is upwards of USD$35 vs Facebook the average is around USD$7.30.
  • A 2015 study found that around 52% of consumers were influenced by Facebook when making online and offline purchases and this number show signs are rising

facebook ads

How then, do you make your ads effective?

The answer to this is: it depends. But a layered approach has proven to be the best general strategy across multiple industries and niches for Facebookย  Ads.
This involves:

  1. Reaching out to new, ideally interest-based or lookalike, audiences that I’ve never seen your brand before. (This builds awareness)
  2. Engaging with them and encouraging them to like your page. By liking the page you increase the number of times they’re likely to see one of your ads. (This builds recognition and emotion towards your brand)
  3. You then want to take them through your buyer’s journey. With this, you build trust with your brand and show the value of your product before finally making them an offer.
  4. Make them an offer.

This is not so different from traditional marketing where marketers would attempt to get upwards of 8 to 13 impressions with a person in order to build a positive association with the brand or product, moving them towards a purchase. The main difference with Facebook is that this can be staggered over a number of days instead of weeks, and can even in some instances, be done in a single day.

facebook ads

Here are some tips for improving the effectiveness of your Facebook ads..

  • Aim for images that generate click-through rates above 1% keep testing until you find at least a 2% CTR.
  • Play with the copy; including headline and body of your ad once you found a high converting image.
  • Use video and emotional content to build a connection with your audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to make an offer but make that offer to a warm audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to kill an ad if it’s not working.
  • Always be testing.
  • Duplicate successful ad sets and test new variables and inside them.
  • Don’t touch it if it’s currently working.



As EKOH’s Director of Technology and Digital Marketing Strategy, Kaleb has been optimizing systems for over two decades. While living in New Zealand he worked for IBM and Telecom (Spark), and has gone on to help many companies from manufactures to online retailers to service based enterprises.

He now specializes in optimizing websites with conversion rates from 0.01% to 15% for e-commerce. With his wide range of experience he is one of the few Conversion Rate Experts to offer guaranteed results.



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