With the rapid shift from our ‘normal’ way of life to this ‘post covid19’ way of life I thought I’d share some easy and free ways for small and local businesses to market themselves. The great thing about all of this is that there is a lot more innovation going on. People are being forced to look at online solutions, delivery, virtual etc. After serving multi-million dollar companies in the USA, EKOH wants to support local businesses where we are based, here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. So here are 3 free ways to get an online presence. 

1: Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a fantastic platform to use for marketing your business, but you don’t have to pay for it! For now, if your business does not already have a local business page on FB, go to the business setup page for Facebook to get started.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be guided through the process of setting up your page, adding a cover image, profile picture, about section and so on. Be sure to put in your location, and hours. This will help when people search for your product or service. (Yes people do search for things on Facebook)

There is a lot of techno speak and mystery around marketing on Facebook, and to avoid that and focus on organic growth I’d like to point out that when you make a page you get some grace from the algorithms. They will give you a boost and work out your baseline.

This means if you think you can only post twice a week, then only post twice a week, but make it content that will get good engagement, that might be installation shots, it might be behind the scenes or tools or videos of the finished projects. Whatever it is, post it, and you can schedule out the next week or two inside Facebook so you don’t have to stop working on the day to post it.

Share the page with your friends and families, and most importantly, past customers, asking them to give you a review. This will help even more with getting you that much needed exposure.

2: Facebook groups

If your business solves a problem that impacts your customers lives you may be able to build a community and provide value this way. Facebook has made groups one of their main focuses for 2020 and beyond, so this is a great time to create one and build relationships with people in your market.

Facebook also gives your group some grace when you first set it up by promoting it to other people. The key to success with a group is as follows:

  • A. Create a plan for your first month, 30 posts + welcome new members posts.
  • B. Get to 100 people as quickly as possible
  • C. Keep posting and encouraging engagement within the group

3:  Ask for more business.

This might seem a little odd, but when someone buys something from you, you are solving a problem for them, so generally speaking you can ask if they know someone who would also benefit from that solution. In some situations you can ask for contact details to give them a call and introduce yourself as being referred to them. In others it makes sense to give them something to provide to their friend to entice them to come down. This doesn’t have to be a free give away, it could be a special, such as Buy-1-get-1 or a discount. There are countless offers you can do to entice new customers aside from offering something for free.

The above are just 3 ways you can get your business out there and get seen by those who you can best serve.

I hope you found this post useful and if you’d like to get in touch, hit up us on Facebook here or talk to Kaleb directly here.

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