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June 25, 2019, 11:52 p.m.

Youtube SEO and Tags - Basic Research

A recent client wanted help increasing subscribers on Youtube, as part of this we analysed over 1600 keywords or tags they were using and I though I'd share some of the stats here, because I love stats and I know some of you do too!

For the rest of this post I am going to say tags because that is what YouTube calls them when you put them in during video creation, in the metadata of the page Youtube calls them Keywords

Firstly, In the picture above you can see that there is no direct correlation between the number of tags and views. In a way this makes sense but we will get more into that later.

Secondly, after removing the stopwords and looking at the correlation between tags and views we found that there is a negative relationship between the number of stopwords in the tags and views. There also seems to be a small negative relationship between the number of characters total in the tags and views.
We then looked at the breakdown of duplicates as well as the top 25% of views and the tags that were seen there.
Interestingly there was a lot of overlap here.

From the above and doing some digging on YouTube SEO I found that for this channel at least:

  • They have a core set of tags that they should always use (from the duplicates, and which ones to use since they have higher average views)
  • They have now got 170 ish tags which can and should be used to tailor content as they are proven high view tags for the channel
  • The Video HEADLINE still plays a far bigger role than the tags you select.

I think the biggest takeaway for me personally is that this is a reminder about how different each platform can be. Instagram's hashtags have a huge weight on them compared to YouTube for example.
Any questions please drop them in the comments :) happy nerding 🤓 
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